Openvas Manager for multiple scanners

Hi guys,

It is possible to install multiple scanners at different servers to report to the same manager (centralized) with GCE? Is there any limitation on this version?

If it’s no, any clues to proceed that? My manager is 7.0.3 (DB revision 184)

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Oh yes!

I have been through this headache before and really had to hunt to find out how to get this working.
Currently, I have a working Master GSA, and a slave GSA.
We can create, and run a task on the master GSA and just select the Slave GSA to run the task on.

Im not 100% sure if there are any limitations as it is just two instances of GSA. One is just called the “Master”

CRON jobs are setup to ensure the NVTs are all updated each day on each GSA


it is not possible to use the virtual Greenbone Community Edition (GCE) appliance in a Master/Sensor setup. You either need to setup this by yourself via using the Greenbone Source Edition or buy a Greenbone appliance.

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Hi Bricks,

I have got two virtual GSA installs working with one being able to send tasks to an internal scanner over the WAN to scan the internal network.

It is setup as a OMP slave over port 9390.

I’ve moved the topic to the Greenbone Source Edition category.