OpenVAS/GVM-9 Task Stuck at NEW

I’ll preface by saying it’s my first time on the forum and I hope I’ve done everything by-the-book. Also, I’m running GSE/OpenVAS-9 on Kali GNU/Linux Rolling 4.19.0-kali3-686-pae.

Due to issues with kali packages i have installed the following versions:

openvas-scanner 5.1.3
openvas-manager 7.0.3
greenbone-security assistant 7.0.3

from GitHub and got a new task, scan, and schedule; however, this new scan always sits at new no matter how much I mess with the schedule.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Just noticed the update in the first topic. I have re-opened this topic and cleared all non-relevant information like the initial 1% problem and the openvas-check-setup output from the initial post to avoid misunderstandings as both are unrelated to the scans being stuck at the “New” state.