OpenVAS for QNAP

Dear community,
i want to bring in OpenVAS on my Qnap as virtual machine.
I couldn’t find a final package for Qnap :frowning: so i started to create a new vm with the openvas iso with this documentation:

After the installation as new vm, it will start open vas but it will not find any network but i provided it in the qnap vm configuration.

So i am not the expert but did you have any guidance for me.

thank you, best regards

You need to direct connect it to your network, i guess hypervisor on a consumer NAS will not work out of the box, as you already noticed. Please note a VM needs 4GB Ram and two CPU cores at least.

Hi Lukas,
RAM and CPU i agree but this is not the problem.

What do you mean “direct connect it to your network”?

i have other virtuell machines like windows 10 and it is connected to the network virtually and it works fine.
Is it possible to configure or add drivers within openvas?
My feeling is that a driver will not visable in the openvas vm (debian) but i could not come in to the os to install additional drivers for the network connection.

Did you know the os standard password to come in to the debian commandline ?


The password is admin/admin as default. But what hypervisor do you use ? Virtual Box ?

This is what i can use on qnap:

The format to Import must an vm must be a ova, ovf, vmx or qvm but it also possible to create an new vm via iso.

This is not supported … what technology for the hypervisor is used. I guess it will be very hard without details to run a GCE on that.