OpenVAS docker deployment - storage running out fast

Hi All,

So i’ve been playing around with OpenVAS for a few months now, and i noticed it’s eating up disk space faster than i thought. i went with the Docker deployment to make things easier.

Am guessing this is mainly because of the feed updates?

Any tips on what directories i need to monitor/purge to recover disk space? Thanks


all content for the Greenbone Community Containers is put into docker volumes. Usually the data of the volumes is somewhere under /var/lib/docker on your docker host.

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as you suspected, this has to do with feed updates. The old feeds are left as unused images, eating up space over time. To solve this issue, I have added a cronjob that does a docker image prune -f once a week and have been happy with that solution for now.


Ah yes of course that’s standard docker behavior. If you download new images the existing old ones will be kept. Therefore running docker image prune should be a familiar procedure for every docker user.


Perhaps i should have waited for a reply before i resized my partition – ~70GB freed up after running docker image prune :grinning:

Thank you all

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