OpenVAS Cloud - Internal Scan is done without results

I have successfully configured the Gateway and in the cloud console I can see that the gateway is connected. However, whenever I am trying to scan an Internal target, always the scan is completed very fast without any results.

When scanning external targets all are ok!

Any idea what is causing this?

Thanks for this information, will look at the GCS Gateway to identify what is going on!

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Check whether the gateway (VM in your local network) has the same IP address as in the configuration in the portal under Gateway. They must not be the same IP addresses.

You need two free IP addresses in your network. One is assigned to the scanner (configuration in the portal) and the other is assigned directly to the VM in your local network.


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Hello @benjamin.hoener, is not the same IP.

VM in local network:

Configuration in the portal under Gateway:

You may need to enable or disable MAC-NAT (in the portal under Gateway). If you deactivate it, you must activate the “promiscouse mode” on the network card in the hypervisor.

Is Alive Detection possibly not selected appropriately for the scan targets? What happens if you scan an internal IP address with “Consider Alive”?

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