OpenVAS - Cannot login

The log says:

gsad main:MESSAGE:2019-05-02 12h32.31 UTC:42: Authentication success for ‘admin’ from

however, I just was noticed “token missing or bad”, I confirmed the my browser worked fine. And could you please tell me how to invalidate all login session token from command line?


are you sure you are using the Greenbone Community Edition?

You could try to clean your browser cookies. There is a session id provided via cookies and a token contained in the URL. Both are validated against the current user session.

I’m using OpenVAS 9, due to some reason, I need to use it and cannot upgrade to GCE.

I need help. Thanks a lot.

In that case I moved your topic to the GSE category.

Try to remove your cookies and also ensure you are using the latest releases. See

removed all cookies. browser set correct but still don’t know why the gsad won’t let me in.

Apologies for necroing the thread, but GVM 10 is still currently only working on Debian and there is no upgrade path from OpenVAS 9, correct? Hoping for either Ubuntu or Kali.

You have to do it on your own, by compiling our source code then you can migrated following our path described on github.

We do not support any packets so please ask your packet provider directly regarding correct upgrades.

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