OpenVAS Appliance GOS7.0.3?

Hello there. Im fairly new to OpenVAS and GOS. I’m currently looking into implementing OpenVAS into our network. I’ve compared a OpenVAS on Kali Linux installation, OpenVAS on Ubuntu installation and the OpenVAS Appliance.

I found that both the Kali Linux and the Ubuntu installation of OpenVAS were running on GOS7.0.3, while the available downloadable Appliance on this page provides me with a GOS6.0.3 installation.

We really want to implement OpenVAS as an Appliance installation in our network. Is there a way to get the OpenVAS Appliance 7.0.3 from somewhere. Does it even excist?

Thanks in advance!

Hi iRudyzz,

there is no GOS 7.0.3 and there will never be one with that number. I’m not sure from where you got those version numbers. For more information have a look here:

Packages for Kali and Ubuntu are not maintained or supported by us. They are built from source from our github repos, which do not include GOS. GOS is meant for our appliances only.

Hope that helps shedding some light on the situation :slight_smile:


Please take a look at for the meaning of the different terms.

Most important Greenbone Operating System (GOS) is only available in our products and not included in any Linux distribution. The OpenVAS project is now called Greenbone Vulnerability Management (GVM) now and Kali only ships an unsupported and outdated version. The version number 7.0.3 is referring to OpenVAS 9 and is the version of the Greenbone Security Assistant (GSA) - our web application.


Hi Bricks,

This clears a lot of things up. I got confused between the GSA version numbers on Linux and the GOS version of the actual Appliance.

Thanks a lot!

Hi Steffen,

Thanks a lot for this. I didn’t know the Kali and Ubuntu versions were not supported by Greenbone, so this definitely sheds some light on the situation.

I also got confused between the GSA version numbers on Linux and the GOS version of the actual Appliance, which made it even more unclear.

Thanks a lot for your reply!