Openvas 9 not scanning error out

Openvas-scanner.service fails due to time out.

Okay so a little back ground on my issue. We are running OpenVAS 9 on Ubuntu 16.04 (Bionic Beaver) and we had an issue where our system froze during a scan and we had to do a hard reset on the system. Well this caused the scanning service to lock up and failed to start any new scans or even resume the scan we were running when we had to hard reset. I ended up uninstalling OpenVAS and tried to reinstall it but it again failed because of the openvas-scanner.service failing to start. It got to the Rebuilding NVT cache and stopped completely. I have tried deleting the dump.rdb but that file doesn’t exist on our system. I can’t access the redis.conf file to comment out or delete info from it. I flushed the redis.sock file and restarted the redis-server. Any other thoughts on what I have to do beside reimage the system?

I would try the typical steps with EVERY Linux Server that needed a hard reset. Filesystem checks and repairs first. If the filesystem is damaged beyond manual repair i would restore a backup. But this is off topic here. Please note that OpenVAS 9 is EoL, you should upgrade to GVM 11.

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Does GVM 11 work with Ubuntu 16.04? I had a lot of trouble with 10 which is why we stuck with 9.

We don´t support any specific distribution, that is your job :wink:

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I understand that completely I was only asking if it worked with 16.04 or if it had issues like GVM 10 did.