OpenVAS 9 master/slave setup works fine but shows 0 results

Hi There,

I’ve set up my Openvas9 installation in a master/slave configuration following the link

The master/slave setup works fine as I see the task requested on master and started on slave. On the slave side logfiles confirm the scan is under way.

The problem is there is no results. Looking at openvassd.messages logfile on slave side shows only “Testing” and “Finished Testing” lines. So it seems the NVT / plugins / probes are not launched against the targets. I’ve checked my target configs and everything is fine (Full & Fast; consider alive; etc…)

My nvt/cert/scap folders are up to date and permissions are ok. I’m not using SELinux, nmap is installed, etc…

Any idea where I can look to find out what’s going wrong ?


I found out what was wrong. The NVT cache was broken somehow. I regenerated NVTs caches with openvasmd --update and now NVTs are launched properly; hence returning results as expected.

Hope this help someone else !

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