Older ospd version

In my project, we need to use older version ospd like v1.0.0, does python3 environment is also required? (‘coz our team is using openvas 8) I don’t know when the development team migrated to python3 on ospd version. Or, said differently, I wanna know whether opsd development work has being always base on Python3, Thanks.

Python 2.7 or above is required.

We dropped Python 2.7 support with ospd 1.3 https://github.com/greenbone/ospd/blob/ospd-1.3/CHANGES


And as I already wrote at GitHub, OpenVAS 8 is heavily outdated so we already don’t list it here anymore. You should not use that version. It is very likely that the current feed doesn’t work with that version anymore.


Thanks so much!!