Offline updates for Greenbone Sec Mgr virtual machine - community

GCE - Version: 4.2.19

Hello, I’m running the appliance on a private network, is there a link to documentation that describes downloading and installing offline updates since I have no access to feeds?

Hola, lo puedes descargar de esta liga: ## ##

Acá puedes leer la documentación

yes, thank you for that.

I had already found and downloaded the offline file, but I don’t see a place to apply the updates in the appliance. In other words, how do I apply the updates to the appliance once I’ve downloaded it?

The GCE does not support offline updates.

A full airgap feature using USB sticks or data diodes is only available with the commercial models
GSM 400 and above. However, this is aiming at high security separate networks.

In most situations where the GSM has no direct connection to the Internet, a proxy configuration helps.
You can find the settings in the GOS menu under Feed->Greenbone-Server.

Thank you, that explains why I can’t find it :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to reach the feed server through proxy, even though I’m sure my credentials are correct… I’m assuming it’s being blocked at my corp firewall. I do appreciate your help though.

You need to support RSYNC protocol by your firewall (Port TCP/873). HTTPS Port 443 is only possible with the Greenbone GSF and not with the free community feed.