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Im not sure if this is the correct category to post this question, here goes.

Im scanning a target behind a firewall using a third party docker container. The scan completed scanning, and in the scan report, in tab Error Messages, it display the NVT timed out after XXX seconds errors.

My question:
1- Correct me if Im wrong, from my understanding this error happened due to:

scanner_plugins_timeout : Maximum lifetime (in seconds) for all NVTs from the port scanners family. If an NVT runs longer, the plug-in is terminated.

Does that mean the NVT did not get any response from the target within the timeout duration, causing the timeout?

2- Is there any way to know which NVTs that are terminated from the timeout, as the information is not available from the same tab.

GVM versions

gsa: v9.0.0
gvm: v9.0.0
openvas-scanner: v2.0.0
gvm-libs: v11.0.0


Operating system: MacOS
Installation method / source: https://github.com/Secure-Compliance-Solutions-LLC/GVM-Docker

I have the same issue with the VM appliance and just doing one host scan, it seems to get very slow around 60% and on the logs I start to see this message a lot: “NVT timed out after 320 seconds.”. I’m using the documentation recommended configuration for virtualbox, 2 cpu’s and 4GB of ram. What can I do to get things going quicker ??


This is fixed with https://github.com/greenbone/ospd/pull/234 and https://github.com/greenbone/ospd-openvas/pull/222

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Hi Bricks,

Could you help to point where I can see the updated PR from GSA?

As you can see, the attached screenshot still not displaying which NVTs that are terminated.

You need to build the scanner component of GVM 11 (ospd-openvas) by yourself or you have to wait for the next release of our Greenbone Community Edition VM.

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The dockerfile that I currently use is using the latest ospd version:


I have re-run the scan using a newly started container, but the error message still not showing timeout NVT details.
Do you have suggestion on what i should do to be able to view it?

yes and no. the release branches contain a lot of fixes and we aren’t creating point releases at the moment. Therefore the docker container should not use the releases and switch to using the release branches instead which will contain the mentioned fixes.


Excellent, I will try this out and report back.


I forked and updated the repo that the OP is using securecompliance/gvm to do a git checkout of the branches were the PR’s mentioned before were merged but I still get around 100 NVT timed out error messages for a single host scan. I’m I missing something ?

Ignore this answer for now, it seems I had a mixup of versions on the server I was testing, I will test again and report back…

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