NVT don't update

Hey! We use base v20.08 and it’s NVT don’t update - firewall turned off.

Gvm, cert and scap updates are fine

Any suggestion?

Hi @MrYoshi, welcome to our community.

From looking at your posted image I is very likely you are using an outdated version of our software. At least an outdated version of the greenbone-nvt-sync script. Nowadays the script only uses rsyncand connects to feed.community.greenbone.net. The http download via dl.greenbone.net is not available anymore. This got dropped with the 20.8.0 release.


Thanks for the response.
I found this content ‘rsync://feed.community.greenbone.net:/nvt-feed’ in the greenbone-nvt-sync file
(just like in the greenbone-feed-sync file what is refer to the other 3 update type).
I can’t figure it out where is the 'dl.greenbone.net ’ came from (checked every file and db) and why it doesnt use what is in the greenbone-nvt-sync.