NVT Database Update IP Addresses


Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
Kernel: Linux ip-w-x-y-z 5.4.0-1041-aws #43-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 19 22:06:16 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Installation method / source: Manual following this guide here https://kifarunix.com/install-and-setup-gvm-20-08-on-debian/

Hi all, so im trying to set up GVM on my Ubuntu ec2 instance following the guide as mentioned above. So I was just wondering, at the greenbone-nvt-sync stage, is there a fixed IP address(es) for the NVT sync? I would like to whitelist the IP address for database updates. Previously when I ran the command it was updating via (this was when I did an apt install gvm) but now when I’m doing the update it’s updating through

Any advise would be appreciated thanks! :slight_smile:

Okay so i figured when i was running the greenbone-nvt-sync it was updating through because I had run a prior apt install openvas-scanner, which made the update go through feed-openvas.org. Uninstalling the package through apt autoremove openvas-scanner did the trick.

Can I still get a confirmation that the only IP address i would need to whitelist is Thanks!