NVT: Check for discard Service / CVE-1999-0636

Hello All,

I am a somewhat new user, so bear with me as I try to figure this out.

I was recently running scans, from external unrelated infrastructure, on some of our company’s “internal” infrastructure, which is hosted by AWS. The scan picked up a CVSS level 10 vulnerability, CVE-1999-0636, based on the NVT: Check for discard Service. I was using the latest version of the Greenbone Security Assistant, and had updated everything just prior to running the scan.

Scan details:

  • Full and Fast scan using the default settings.
  • Run from a Kali VM using a VPN (if that helps).

Aside from the severity level, this caught my eye because it is a very old vulnerability. I was able to duplicate the results on the same infrastructure. I have now tested it on several other parts of the company infrastructure and each time, this is the only vulnerability that has been detected.

I feel like this is a false positive but am hoping the community can shed some light on how this might be happening.

Thanks for the help!


The port seems to have been found open and detected as discard which triggers the report. Not too sure about the reliability of the service though.

Best is to check your system if it is running discard indeed on this port and if yes, disable it as proposed in the solution of the report.

If on this port there is no discard service let us know what kind of service is running there and we might come up with a solution.