NVT, CERT, SCAP - sync Ports

Hello, which ports does nvt, cert and scap-sync use to get updates?

The feed sync uses the rsync protocol and application. AFAIK it uses port 873.

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Is there another way to get the updates? I can’t open a rsync port in the firewall.
Is there a way to get them with Port 80 or 443?

Only the GSF do support Proxy and Port 443, the community feed is only via RSYNC available.


But can I sync my nvt/cert/scap by remote rsyncing.
In this case we have 3 Servers. Lets call them Server A, Server B and Server C
Server A (GVM-Intranet) can ssh Server B. But can’t connect with Server C
Server B (DMZ) can rsync to Server C
Server C (Greenbone Feed Server - Internet)

Can I do a remote rsync with my Server A over Server B to Server C?