NVT cache rebuild FAIL

Hello everyone.

After new installation of last version of openvas on Kali, I run greenbone-nvt-sync, which run OK.
Then i tried to rebuild NVT database and i got a FAIL as below:

openvasmd --rebuild --progress
Rebuilding NVT cache… failed.

setup check is OK
Scanning seems OK, but rather slower and maybe not accurate.

You need to give more details like a strace or the error message. Due to the fact that you use a uncoordinated integration, i would suggest you get pack to the Kali forum first.

Hi and thank you for your time to respond.

There is no error message other than the one in my message (rebuild failed).
I did everything by the book: installed kali1a.2019, installed openvas, run greenbone-nvt-sync and tried to rebuild. Just that.
I think that after NVT Sync an openvasmd update or rebuild is necessary, right?

I can´t talk about the scripts from Kali but normally the rebuild will be triggered automatically by the sync script.

You might get some information on this in your openvasmd.log (usually in /var/log/). I have seen such failed rebuilds if the scanner process (openvassd) wasn’t running or redis was insufficiently configured.

Thank you very much, I appreciate it.