Notus Products missing thows an error in openvas


I compiled and installed all components following the Instructions in and it has been working as it should for me.
Today I wanted to create my first authenticated scan which also relies on the notus-scanner. During the scan openvas reports

sd   main:WARNING:2023-01-09 13h25.35 utc:2311254: run_table_driven_lsc: Unable to retrieve status message from notus. Timeout after 60 s.
sd   main:WARNING:2023-01-09 13h25.35 utc:2311254: attack_host: Unable to launch table driven LSC

And the notus-scanner log reports:

2023-01-09 14:24:35,217 notus-scanner: WARNING: (notus.scanner.loader.json) Could not load advisories from /var/lib/notus/products/debian_11.notus. File does not exist.
2023-01-09 14:24:35,217 notus-scanner: ERROR: (notus.scanner.scanner) Unable to start scan for No advisories for OS-release Debian 11 found. Check if the OS-release is correct and the corresponding advisories are given.

My guess is that the timeout occurs because notus-scanner is throwing an error and cannot load its data.
The file notus-scanner complains about is indeed missing, I only have files in that folder for numerous ubuntu, suse, slackware, mageia and euleros versions.

If this documentation is up to date, debian is not supported as a product (yet?) 6 Upgrading the Greenbone Enterprise Appliance to the Latest Major Version — Greenbone Enterprise Appliance 22.04.6 documentation

Is it still normal for it to try and throw an error if it cannot find the product?

Currently there are no vulnerability checks for Debian with the notus scanner. Therefore notus scanner shouldn’t be started at all and this is an issue on our side.