Notus command line only scanner

Hi. I would like to just run the notus scanner and maybe the nessus original scanner from a command line without all the backend and daemons.

Is this possible? It would make it more accessible for environments without much ram.

For example can the notus github be downloaded and run directly? Maybe with some wrappers from GitHub - martinboller/greenbone-gmp-scripts?

Hello and welcome to the Greenbone Community forum!

I suggest scanning the forum for posts about this topic. I think this depends on your will to put together the right solution for your use case. For example openvas-nasl can be used to test .nasl files:

Depending on how low RAM, gvm-cli may be the best option to get full GVM functionality without using GSA making full page requests but it still requires the “daemons” running.

Also, if you want to run the Notus scanner alone, maybe this is a good place to start.

Feel free to describe your use case in more detail, or ask questions about some potential solutions you find.