Not being able to fetch all the results using the GMP API

I am currently facing a challenge in retrieving all results from the GMP API in a single request. Specifically, I need to fetch complete data sets from the get_results function, but the API’s default behavior implements pagination, which limits the number of results returned in each request. This results in only a subset of the total data being accessible per API call, complicating the process of obtaining comprehensive report data. I am looking for a solution that can bypass or effectively handle this pagination, such as an option to ‘ignore pagination’ that would allow me to fetch all reports in one go, ensuring no data is overlooked in the process. This capability is crucial for conducting thorough analyses and generating complete reports from the scanned data.

This is indeed possible when using python-gvm get_report. With the get_results function with a custom filter. The Greenbone filters docs may help you build the appropriate filter.