Not able to update feeds


on 2 Systems of mine I get this error

Any idea what could go wrong?

ok, just found out by acciden myself. On the internet I found this to be the right command:

runuser -u _gvm – greenbone-nvt-sync

but I have to ommit the – then it runs through.

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Hi @toddehb and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Very cool! I’m glad you were able to find the solution and I’ve moved this to Linux Distribution and External Repo Discussion (for future reference/in case other people run into it too).

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think I was to quick cheering up. On the system the new command line worked I went out of our corporate network and used a mobile hotspot, because I had that feeling, that out proxy might be in the way. Unfortunately that is the case. Weird though. Have to tweak the proxy tomorrow to see if I will get traffic to thru.

Found out, that updating feeds require port 873 outbound be accessible. Well, why don’t greenbone just use common port 80, which in the least cases ist blocked by firewall?

Since rsync is used for feed synchronisation, it uses the port number 873 as this is the usual port used for the rsync file synchronization protocol. Port 80 is assigned to HTTP. You can check the usual ports here: TCP and UDP port numbers.

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I understand that port 873 is reserved for rsync, but from a user perspective it is not practical to use that port. As an admin I open as less ports as possible. In order for the feed update to work I now need to punch another hole in our firewall. Not nice :wink:

Sorry but you wanna use the correct port for every service, tunneling everything over port 80/443 is even more a security nightmare.

And yes there are other services that use other ports on the Internet. That is the design of TCP and the Internet :wink: