Not able to see Scan Config options via https over any browser

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to change the scan config via HTTPS via firefox, chrome, and IE, and when I attempt to do that I can’t see the options that are supposed to be presented in the popup. This is on a win10 box.

This box is currently a VM and from within a VMWare VMRC window, I’m able to view it on a kali box via Firefox.

Anyone else have this problem and/or know a way around it so that I don’t have to change these settings via the VM every time?

Thank you!


on your screenshot we can see at the top left side that the “trashcan” icon is greyed out. This means the scan config you’re currently trying to edit is already in use by a task and can’t be edited.

You either need to clone the scan config (the sheep icon at the top left side) or delete the task using this scan config to be able to edit the current scan config.

For more information on scan configs have a look at the following documentation:

Hey cfi,

Thank you so much for the quick reply.