Noobs Experiences of working with GCE


I see that someone else documented their experiences of GCE previously

but i thought I’d also share some feedback

firstly i’m not a unix / linux guy but having been in the industry on the other windows side and having been doing this for 25 years or so, have some sort of tech background enough to put an iso in virutal box to be able to spin up a vm particularly one designed as an out of the box setup solution…

so here goes with my observations

VM install went OK according to the steps i carried out / followed. I was helped by the previous poster who noted that you had to log in and set DNS. This i agree for a next next next install seems strange ?

Getting started… I am using this in a virtual box setup as a pen testing tool on VM’s I’ve downloaded from the web and hosted on the same box with host only routing so that they are isolated. However to get GCE to work you need to have internet access which means that you need to have a network card for host only ( for the target vm) and one for feeds etc (NAT or bridged ) The GCE setup does not play well with this and it needs some investigation etc.

Feeds. I’ve posted a couple of questions on feeds as there is nothing in the web application that gives you visual feedback or update options to test connection to feeds etc. This is one of the most critical things and it’s very hard for a plug and play user to diagnose statuses. ?

Target pinging ? It would be most helpful to be able to ping the target before scanning to confirm that there is routing. The two nics in the VM issue makes this difficult to diagnose

Scanner services - I’m running a VM with 4 GB RAM ( the accepted min ) and I had many failed scans with the could not connect to scanner service type errors, There are multiple instances of this error on the forum. I have found that this might be a timing issue. It has taken 10 - 15 minutes with this configuration before the VM has got settled with services running. I can use the open vas scanner testing option in the web app and it will report service unavailable but if left for 10 minutes or so will then become available. ???

info - it might be helpful to have more info in the web app or vm screen that you do not need to have to log in to get ?

Incorrect setup - On login you get the incorrect / incomplete setup. This seems to relate to not having a paid subscription ? If this is he case please make the message read that. It is confusing that this might relate to feed setups as these do take a long time to run.

anyway… my 2 cents worth as a noob .

I seem to now have scans running ( according to the web app ) so fingers crossed !!!

In case you’re wondering I got here as i had used this on Kali linux in the 2019 versions before it changed and was removed / broken etc and decided to use the VM instead.

Hope this helps some other strugglers !!


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