Non Standard Service Ports

Hey Guys,

I ran into a problem, while configuring my first Greenbone Appliance.

I used Discovery Scans to get my targets and with a tweek at the NVTs I’m able to see more listening ports than the standard service Ports.
For Standard Ports like 1433 (SQL DB) Greenbone is able to discover the (expexted) service, but when the Service is availabe on another port, Greenbone is not able to recognize it.

Is the Greenbone System incable of recognizing a service at non standard ports, or is there a way to get it doing what it does at standard ports?

Thanks for your help.


PS: Can be closed, found the NMAP NSE Infos in the Scan-Config. So Greenbone is capable of recognizing services on non standard ports.

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Hi @IngoLe and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m glad you figured it out and thank you for posting your solution. :smiley: