No Scans are loaded after install

Hi I just installed GVM, but when I login into the web console, I see that they are no scans loaded, i’ve search but I was not able to find the answer, can someone point me to the right direction?
When I trie to create a scan I get the error Failed to find Config: ‘d21f6c81-2b88-4ac1-b7b4-

I’m running GVM on Kali Linux
Any help would be appreciated, thanks

This basically should be a duplicate topic of:

Hi, I spent the weekend working on the issue, I decided to do a fresh install, and the same thing happened, found an installation guide, with the same issue, after the installation, I had to run:
sudo apt-get install postgresql
sudo service postgresql start
sudo apt-get install sqlite3
sudo service sqlite3 start
sudo apt install gvm –y
sudo gvm-setup
sudo gvm-feed-update
sudo gvm-start

One more question, after i run the scan on m y windows system, i see that i only get these results, i’m missing some configuration or is this a all the information provided for the open source version?:image