No Scanning of Windows PCs and Servers

We’re running GSM 4.2.17 on a VM in our VMWare datacenter.

I’ve got a test target called ‘HOST 5780’ which is a Server 2008R2 physical host at one of our offices. It’s a on a domain, like the rest of all our computers. It has the IP of

For purposes of this question we’ll simply call the domain admin account that I’m using SVC_SCAN

I’ve tried this both as domain\username as well as just username

Now that I’ve got my target and my credentials, I’ll use one of the built in Scan Configs - ‘Full and fast’.

Then making my task:


So this is all I should need to set up, right? I can’t get it to commit to a scan. The GSE processes the task in several minutes but I don’t see a single bit of traffic from my GSE server ( showing up in my target server @

What am I missing? Any and all help would be most appreciated. I followed the instructions found here:


please migrate this setup to a fresh setup of the GCE 4.2.20 available via the download link in About the Community Edition (GCE) category.

This new version includes a previous fix from 4.2.19 causing stuck scans and other unwanted side effects while scanning:

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I’ll look into getting the patch in place. I wasn’t responsible for doing the initial setup or any of the updates but I remember the person who did it saying that when working from the appliance he basically had to start from scratch every time.

I’m also not sure if I’m describing the problem correctly. If I do the scan, the OpenVAS server reports that it’s doing work and provides progress from ‘scan requested’ all the way to ‘complete’ with % indicators along the way. It just never actually sends any data (as far as I can tell) to the scan target.

Have a look at the product comparison available here:

which shows that system upgrades are not available for the GCE.

This is one of the known side effects mentioned previously which requires GOS 4.2.19+ referenced previously.