No Password tries by scans


I am using the scan config full and fast and get on every systems login attempts. I checked out Default Accounts, Brute Force, all login detection under the point Product Detection but login attempts still happen.

I tried with the base scan config and see no login attempts but its to much work to check in all boxes which are maybe right because the Select all NVTs are not working when the NVTs are not selected.

Which NVTs are trying the login attemps?
Why cant i „select all nvts“ when under actions all nvts are unchecked - whats the sense for the Option then?

Installation is Greenbone in Docker


I checked out all NVTs and used the base scan config - thats working without login attempts
But when i check one NVT Familiy on then the login attempts happen but regardless which nvt i use

Under Preference the options for disable brute force checks are on no

In order to provide any help with issue, could you provide the evidence you have of login attempts? Which service and what passwords are being attempted?