No feed update after 14-days trial key expired

Hello there

In june 2021 I downloaded and installed GSM TRIAL 21.04.1 and I requested a trial commercial key (14 days of Greenbone Security feeds). The key expired 18 days ago. Since then, no feed update can be done. I contacted Greenbone support and I was said that the feed type should automatically change from Commercial to Greenbone Community Feed when the trial period expired. But this is not the case for me.
I am using the VirtualBox version of GSM (in case it has any incidence, which I doubt).
I rebooted the VM, the host. No change at all.

Any clue?

Thanks in advance

Hello MrTheV, welcome to the Greenbone Community!

Please delete the expired subscription key as described here:

Subsequent feed updates will then download the Greenbone Community Feed.

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Thanks for the answer. I would have done that if there was a “Cleanup” entry, but there is not such menu item

And now, all NVT time out when doing a scan with the expired key !

Oooops, sorry, it seems that the key was already cleaned up
And the problem with the timeout is certainly coming from a firewall configuration that prevented the VM to reach the Internet…
I wish I was warned that such things have been done on the VM and the FW, I’ll make sure that internal communication works better in the future

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