No CVE's available

Hello everyone. I have a really silly question, but i have no CVE’s at my openvas appliance. How can i fix it?

(i’m not sure about version of gvm)

You should run greenbone-scapdata-sync to get CVE information.

Hmm… it says “permission denied”…

even from root

If you run thin on the GCE, you will brick all permissions. Never use the CLI on the GCE.
Delete your VM installation, reinstall the VM and run a feed sync:

-> Maintainance -> Feed Sync

That´s it.

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The point is my vm is working fine, except of missing CVE’s

You need to do a feed sync and wait. That´s it.

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Feed sync fails, because i run VM behind proxy.

Sorry but community edition does not support proxy communication. Connect it directly to the internet.


And now in says “permission denied”… don’t know what to do

Did you run “greenbone-scapdata-sync” if so you need to reinstall the GCE.

Why does it happen ? Broken script?

Broken user, as we said many times NEVER run scripts as root on the GCE. If you run the sync script on the GCE as root, it will overwrite as root many permission managed files. You don´t need a shell on GCE.