No Checksum for

sha256sums has the correct hash for the file, but i get this error in the log file

I have the latest community feed

how do i solve this issue?

Hi @michealkeines !
You have in the openvas.conf file (check with openvas -s) the optionnasl_no_signature_check, probably set to no.
Openvas will perform a signature check of the sha256 file first, and if it is valid, it will continue with hash for each single file.
As you can see in the log, it is the messages "Erroneous or missing signature for checksums file… ".
So, you have two options to solve the issue:

  • install the Community Feed integrity key. This gpg key can be downloaded at and the fingerprint is 8AE4 BE42 9B60 A59B 311C 2E73 9823 FAA6 0ED1 E580. Follow this to get it working.
  • As a workaround, disabled the option in openvas.conf setting it to yes (yes, a bit confusing).

Best regards,