Nmap smb enum users not returning any results

Hi all,

Bit of a curious one - Im, trying to enumerate the list of users on a windows machine, but it simply doesn’t return any results. Im using the NVT “Nmap NSE / Nmap NSE smb-enum-users” script.

SMB login checks out, as do other WMI lookups.

Im also using the following in a terminal window (with correct username / pass), and it’s returning the results correctly.
nmap -v -p445 --script=smb-enum-users --script-args=smbuser=(user),smbpass=(pass) (ip)

Any ideas of what might not be working?

All VTs of the Nmap NSE / Nmap NSE net family requires a specific (older) Nmap version (namely 5.21, 5.51 and/or 6.01) which is not available on your setup.

The NSE wrapper concept from NASL side is basically deprecated. If you still want to use it you might need to install such an older version of nmap.

Ok, thanks.

Obvious next question - any idea how to install nmap 5.51 alongside 7.70?

I guess this question is out of the scope of this support forum and should be redirected to the support forum of your linux distribution.

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In a similar vein, do you know if the Nmap NSE tests will be upgraded to run with nmap 7.70? Im having issues getting 5.51 installed. And it’s pretty old by now anyway.

As pointed out the use of NASL wrappers around NSE scripts is a deprecated concept:

There are no plans to provide a new set of NASL wrappers for newer nmap version.

An alternative might be the OSP implementation for NSE scripts available at the github repository below. Not sure about the status of OSP in GVM9+, this might require a separate topic in https://community.greenbone.net/c/osp to ask for this information.

Ok, cool - Ill have a look at this.