Nmap result in scan task

I have a question about the GSA, how can I reuse my nmap scan via host discovery in a task scan ?

Hi koni,
in your scan-configuration their’s an option “optimize_test”. It is enabled by default i think.
With this option some NVT’s are only run if specific prerequisites are met as stated here:

Is this what you mean?

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Thx a lot for your answer, that’s not exactly what I was looking for but it’s intersting.
I’m searching a way to keep IP that I scan with host discovery to group them and scan them with another task. Is it possible to make global tag instead of using tag per category ?

Maybe a little late,
but don’t you define your IPs in a Target?
Why don’t you just reuse the target you used for your Discovery Scan with another scan?

You could also just do the other Scan and include the discovery vt’s.

Another approach that comes to my mind is to just scan the network with nmap and save the results to a file in the ‘grepable’ format (-oG flag in nmap command). You can than import the .gnmap file into gvm. See https://community.greenbone.net/t/is-it-possible-to-import-nmap-xml-into-openvas/1104 for more information on how to import .gnmap files into gvm.

Hi !
This project was for an internship, I didn’t remeber well what I was looking for. I think that as u said I wanted to scan the network with discovery scan and reuse IPs that I get to scan them but I didn’t found how. If you have the solution put it there so it can help someone later maybe :slight_smile:. Thanks for you answer !
And sorry if it’s hard to understood me, english isn’t my mothertongue