New CVE Alert - sql_exec_internal: PQexec failed: ERROR: column "cvss" does not exist

Hello, I want to get an alert when there’s a new CVE in the feeds, so here’s the alert I setup:

When testing it, here’s the error message it gives me:


And here’s the error I see in the logs:

How to fix this? It seems it’s looking for a table that doesn’t exist, is this a problem found only on my instance or on every Greenbone instances? Should I reinstall my instance?

Looking at the tables:


It seems that the “cves” tables doesn’t even exists:

Is it only found in the paid version of Greenbone?


could you check if you CVEs available in the Web UI? It may be possible that the feed sync wasn’t finished yet.


All my syncs are up to date (well, 2 days old but they were up to date 2 days ago):

I’m starting to think that CVE-related tables are only available in the paid version of Greenbone.

No that’s not the case. Could you please check if you have CVEs at SecInfo → CVEs in the web UI? There should be move then 200k CVEs available.

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oh an btw. did you migrate from an older version to 22.4 or did you setup it from scratch?

Here’s what I have in CVEs, looks good:

I’m using the Greenbone that is shipped with Kali, could it be related to that? If I build from source, will I be able to query the CVE and CVSS tables from the database? I would like to have alerts when new CVEs matching specific filters are added to the DB.


thanks for checking that. First of all all things are correctly set up and are up to date on your system. I looked a bit deeper into this issue. The cves table is part of the scap schema.

Additionally I could reproduce your issue

that means testing this alert is currently broken and needs a fix in gvmd.


For the “New CVEs” alert this problem affects all alert methods except “System Logger”. In addition, the problem also occurs after a feed update, not just when using the “Test Alert” button.

I have raised an internal issue to hopefully get this fixed, but I can’t make any guarantees or provide a timeline right now. If we fix the issue, I will post an update in this topic.


This has now been fixed via PRs (main branch) and (stable branch). If you build from source the fix is already available, for the community containers you will have to wait for their next release.