New Community Video: Demystify Greenbone

The Greenbone Community Video Team is happy to present: Demystifying Greenbone! :slight_smile:

@JosephL takes inventory of some of the essential intricacies surrounding Greenbone, examining naming conventions, the history behind our product and crucial elements of the software architecture to unify a shared understanding from pros to beginners. Use this video as a reference or to gain a broad overview of Greenbone.



Nice video, just a bit shameful for a German company not to provide a German version.

Happy that you like the video. The people who contributed to the video put a lot of work into it, and they will love to hear it. I would not call it “shameful” that Greenbone uses the english language to care of all users, who are mostly non-german speakers. This is why this forum here uses english as lingua franca.
Anyway, I heard that a german version is planned too, but I do not know any target date for this.