Network Topology Graph Display

Hi, hoping for a quick tip here.

I’m exploring the GSA more and more and I’m really curious about how to utilize the network topology graph better.
Right now it shows the hosts, that are on the same subnet as the scanner with their respective vulnerability color and a line that’s connected to the host of the scanner, but every other machine that is on a different subnet but reachable is a grey unconnected dot.
This sadly is not very helpful as a topology graph. Is there a way to configure the graph so it shows a better topology map?

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:


While I’m at it another question about the GSA. In Assets → Hosts there is a list of hosts that I have in my inventory (duh.) Now host entries have a “name” and and “IP address”. But the name is also just the IP address. If I try to edit an entry to change the name to something more recognizable, I only get the option to add a comment. If i want to add a whole new host, I can only assign IP address and a comment also. Is there a way to change the name? If no, what’s the purpose of having the IP address twice in that list?
Thank you :slight_smile: