Needing help removing another Admin from the openVAS console

Hi there, I recently had an administrator within openVAS who is no longer in that existing role. I am the other admin within the console, however the other account was the one who established everything within openVAS. It appears to me because that account was the original, and the one who established mine, I cannot delete the ‘parent’ account (if this is what is happening).

Is there any way to remove this user, as I am the other admin? Thank you for taking the time to help.

Not sure it will work, but you can try the following:

gvmd --inheritor=admin2
gvmd --delete-user=admin1

If it works as expected, admin2 would inherit all tasks & objects from admin1 after account deletion. But since we are talking about admin accounts, and since the permission model used in GVM is, to say the least, not very mature, I’m unsure this will work.

You should also consider doing a backup of your database first; because if this operation succeed it may leave some orpheans in the DB too…

Good luck