Need to scan website with IP address plus domain name combination

Lets say one server has hosted 2 websites using one public IP and names are one[dot]serverone[dot]com, two[dot]serverone[dot]com and all these three domain is hosted on single server with one public IP i.e. 1[dot]1[dot]1[dot]1 so if OpenVAS scanner want to target first website we should be scannig one[dot]serverone[dot]com[] so it will target server but will show vulnerability of only. This will help in case of proxypass situation. If we want to scan website with pointing to actual server then we can do same as well. Do we have any provision on OpenVAS Version 7.0.3 to do same.
I’ll be waiting for your reply.


I’ve put [dot] in place of period to evade posting issues.

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The current used category is/was (Description: About the Vulnerability Tests category) which is about vulnerability tests (the so called “NASL scripts”).

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Any update for this?