Need to run authenticated Scan

Hi Team,

This is to inform you that, I have built OpenVas on the Kali machine, and everything is working as expected, I just want to understand I need to scan my Kali machine and that scan should be authenticated where I was not able to that, I have done the authenticated scan for one my Linux machine by creating a ssh-keygen. can someone help run an auth scan of the same machine that is installed with Openvas?

Please check the following existing documentation how to configure authenticated scans and prepare the targets for it:

Manual: 10.3 Configuring an Authenticated Scan Using Local Security Checks

As suggested in the above link i can authenticated other Linux servers which are in my network, but by following the same process I am unable to authenticate “OpenVas localhost server”

Hi Team,

I have found the solution for the above issue, I have run an authenticated scan successfully on the same machine in which OpenVAS is installed by using SMB credentials, to run an authenticated scan for a different Linux machine we need to generate SSH-keygen.
Kindly let me know if any further information is required.

Scanning the own host via an authenticated scan works the same as scanning any other Linux system, no specific additional requirements / configuration exists. It’s basically the same:

  • A SSH server needs to be installed, active / running and reachable via the configured TCP port and IP/hostname
  • A scan user needs to exist and configured (see docs previously)
  • The configured scan user needs to be allowed to connect via SSH to the own host
  • Additional possible points from the previously linked documentation