Need to have System level Vulnerabilities

I hope this message finds you well. Our organization is currently in the process of selecting the most suitable version of OpenVAS for conducting comprehensive vulnerability scans, particularly focusing on Windows environments. As we evaluate our options, we are seeking your expert insights on the Community and Enterprise versions of OpenVAS.

Here are our specific queries:

  1. OpenVAS Community Version: What are the strengths and limitations of the Community version of OpenVAS in terms of scanning Windows workstations and servers for vulnerabilities? Are there any notable features or functionalities that distinguish the Community version in this regard?
  2. OpenVAS Enterprise Version: Similarly, how does the Enterprise version of OpenVAS perform when it comes to conducting detailed vulnerability assessments on Windows systems? Are there any specific advantages or capabilities offered by the Enterprise version that are particularly beneficial for our requirements?

We are keen to understand the differences between the Community and Enterprise versions of OpenVAS, especially concerning their suitability for scanning Windows environments and generating comprehensive vulnerability reports.

Your insights and recommendations will greatly assist us in making an informed decision that aligns with our organization’s needs and objectives. Thank you for sharing your expertise and guidance with us.


the differences between the Greenbone Community Edition and the Greenbone Enterprise Appliances are on several layers.

First of all the feed, the Greenbone Enterprise Feed is only available for the Greenbone Enterprise Appliance. It contains additional vulnerability tests especially for enterprise hard- and software, additional report formats and policies. See Greenbone Feed Comparison - Greenbone for more details. You can try out the feed by downloaded the Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL and requesting a trial license at Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL 14 days for free - Greenbone

The Enterprise Appliances give you access to support with a SLA and warranty. For the Community Edition you only have this forums with no promise getting an answer at all and our Greenbone Community Documentation.

The appliances come with Greenbone OS (GOS) to configure access, network, backups, … on OS level. System updates are provided regularly and feed updates are done in the background automatically. For the Community Edition you are on your own to setup and establish all these things. Additionally migrations for major system upgrades are provided via GOS. For example PostgreSQL database updates (which can be a pain. just search for postgres issue here in the forum).

Additional Features like Master/Sensor setup and Airgap updates are not available for the Community Edition. Of course it is possible to implement both with the Community Edition but it will require a lot of additional work.

Our Greenbone Enterprise Appliance products ensure that all things work out of the box.

For a summary please take a look at Product Comparison - Greenbone.


Hi Bricks,

Thankyou for the valuable information you provided, can you guide me if I go with any of them either Enterprise or community I have both installed, but I’m lacking in scan configurations can you tell me how can I get the detail report that will be presentable for the client of the systems particularly, looking forward for your insights as I have to get it done and present it to my peers, Thanks again for the help!

I think the best place to start is the Greebone TechDoc Portal. The docs there are a complete guide to the Enterprise Physical and Virtual Appliances (similar to the Enterprise Trial you have running). From there, you can start with Section 8 Getting To Know The Web Interface to find instructions on creating scan tasks, targets, creating reports, and virtually any other functions that can be conducted from the web-interface (GSA).

I hope that helps!

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