Need some guidance on how to make modifications to the source code

Hello folks,

First, this is my first post on this forum and I want to thank the IT Security community for the huge contribution they made to this great product.

I am planning to use this tool to offer vulnerability scanning service to small sized businesses. To accomplish this I need to make the following two changes:

  • To help identify my different clients, on the admin GUI I need to add a box to enter a client ID and store that in a database table field. When setting up each scans, I am going to associate the client ID to it.
  • Each scan results will need to be saved with the client ID
  • Modify the query for the report to show a specific client’ scan.

Can someone help me with some pointers/tips on which files I need to modify to accomplish this? Thanks in advance for your help.

In general all sources of the GVM components can be found at

For details about the latest stable OpenVAS/GVM version please take a look at

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Thanks for your response @bricks

Anyone else, who can provide some specifics on what files would need to be modified?