Need help with unblocking ip

hey greenbone community

after we tried several times with installing gvm the feed sync wont work and always throws “network unreachable”. We now have tested it on a kali laptop with mobile hotspot and it worked flawlessly. We already have checked firewall configuration network configs etc etc… We are 100% certain that our ips have been blocked months ago. Who can help me with this?

Please tell an admin details in private, IP address, AS, routing, proof of your legal entity and why you exploited out fair use amount and how to mitigate this in the future.

We can look into it.

How can i contact any admin? And who can i talk to for explanation.

Theres no way on this whole website to write someone a private message.

Send this as PM to me and i look what i can do …

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How? i cannot even pm you and cannot find any “message” menu to look into messages etc.
I dont know why i cannot pm you. Is there any other possibility to contact you ?

Since i couldnt PM you i have now flagged it and entered my details and description in the report