Need assistance with upgrading (gvm-libs) version: 9.0.3 to (gvm-libs) version:(gvm-libs) version: 10.0.1 on Windows Server

Question: For anyone in the community, this is my first time using Openvas. I ran the scans and i am getting severe vulnerability in the scan report. The host mentioned in the scan is a windows host. Based on the error, do i need to update GVM_Libs on Openvas host or does that have to be done on a Windows server? because i tried checking Windows server for GVM_Lib and could not find it. I would really appreciate if someone in the community point me in the right direction

Below is the snapshot of the error

Vulnerability Solution type Severity
Overrides are Applied
QoD Host Location Actions
Report outdated / end-of-life Scan Engine / Environment (local) VendorFix
10.0 (High)
97% 10.XXX.XX.123 general/tcp Add NoteAdd Override
This script checks and reports an outdated or end-of-life scan engine for the following environments:

  • Greenbone Source Edition (GSE)

  • Greenbone Community Edition (GCE)

used for this scan.

NOTE: While this is not, in and of itself, a security vulnerability, a severity is reported to make you aware of a possible decreased scan coverage or missing detection of vulnerabilities on the target due to e.g.:

  • missing functionalities

  • missing bugfixes

  • incompatibilities within the feed.

Vulnerability Detection Result
Installed GVM Libraries (gvm-libs) version: 9.0.3
Latest available GVM Libraries (gvm-libs) version: 10.0.1
Reference URL(s) for the latest available version: GVM 11 (stable, initial release 2019-10-14) / GVM-10 (old stable, initial release 2019-04-05)

It doesn’t mean your window server has an outdated gvm-libs version. It means you are using an outdated version of our software. See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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