NASL: Own Script: Request External Webresource


I would like to create an info plugin for Ubuntu, which needs to request an external webserver.

So on the bash, this would be done using:

Is it possible to use the build-in http_get/http_send_recv functions?

Currently, I am using the non-secure info_send_cmd to use curl.

All the built-in functions (http_*() etc) can just connect to the current target of a scan as in general we have to make sure that the scanner is not connecting to hosts outside of the scanning scope.


Okay, thank you. So the “normal” functions are not available and I have to use “unsafe” functions (like pread). Do you know how to sign a custom-plugin to use the pread function? Using nasl -S plugin.nasl -o signed.nasl returns only an empty signed.nasl. Or is a log/verbose mode of nasl available? I would not like to use enable nasl_no_signature_check: yes.

Signing NASL files is a functionality of GVM, please create a new topic on this unrelated question in