My Verdict of community

Ok. Not a bad price of kit.


Great pleace to learn the interfaces of Greenbone, training (as in my case) my ps3 and Mac mini and just dandy and proof or concept for corporate installations of the Greenbone appliances.

Unless you know Linux do not install on a VM. The community version is not polished nor robust. It is fragile! But that’s ok. If it works out of the box you are not going to learn.

The community is for training and testing ONLY. Do not think of using this as a replacement for an enterprise vulnerability scanner. This is not like Apache or MySQL that will scale.

I’ll wait for further testing and trading until I get a physical machine to load this on. I feel the performance of the VM is causing some of the issues I am having not the Greenbone OpenVAS.

Mods if I put this in the wrong place feel free to move.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve fixed some typos and spelling.

Obviously we (Greenbone) have a different business model then Apache or Oracle with MySQL. Therefore you are right the GCE is only for testing and maybe training. It’s for getting in touch with our software easily. But it is not intended as an alternative to buying our appliances. I can’t say it’s fragile. I guess this depends on your network and use case but of course it is not enterprise ready.