My SSH connet success,but GvmError: Remote closed the connection

I used this docker image:securecompliance/gvm:21.4.3-v1-data-full,and changed its SSH configuration,

Then use the Xshell tool ,and successfully establish a connection with the ssh service in the GVM container,

Then I wrote below python script and also established a SSH connection with the remote GVM container, but got error gvm.errors.GvmError: Remote closed the connection

connection = SSHConnection(hostname='', username='my_ssh_username', password='my_ssh_password', port=1022)

transform = EtreeCheckCommandTransform()
with Gmp(connection) as gmp:
    response = gmp.authenticate("myGSAacount", "myGSApassword")
    # print(response)

The SSHConnection expects that gvmd listens directly behind that connection. This means you need to tunnel the connection to gvmd. This is set up out of the box in our Greenbone Enterprise Appliances.