My Scans are Interrupted at 0%

I can not run any tests without it being interrupted at 0%. I have tried everything.
I am currently running OpenVas on a Kali VM. I dont know which logs to pull to get proper help.

Hi @AnalystL
Can you share more information? are you building from source? are you using the docker containers? Can you share some logs? Otherwise, it is difficult for others to help

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And also please check your logs at /var/log/gvm for errors and paste them here.

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Thank you! I am running it on a Kali VM. I let it run overnight and when I checked this morning it did produce an empty report with one error message saying " NVT timed out after 320 seconds". I have checked to see if OpenVas was installed properly, and it says it installing is OK.

Both your screenshots from GSA and the log file look normal. Out of 19 hosts you wanted to scan, 1 was detected as alive with the alive check you were using. The error message from GSA is normal. For the host that was found, no vulnerabilities were detected. GSA even shows the status β€œDone” for the report from your screenshot.

If the other 18 hosts are up but were not detected properly, try changing the alive detection method. If you want to see all results, even the logs that were filtered out, press the β€œX” icon on the top right of the report page. That will clear all filters, even the standard filter that hides logs from you.

Thank you so much! I am running one right now and it seems to be working (currently at 12%). Hopefully all continues to function! First time using this tool, I appreciate all your help.

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