Multiple hosts scan returns less results than 1 host scan

Please help me with this issue.

I’ve created 5 virtual machines with win xp to test openvas on them (with smb credentials). they are clones. (different ip for each)
when scanning only 1 host from them i’m getting like 120 high 50 medium and like 9 lows.
when scanning all 5 of them simultaniously i’m getting around 10 high and no medium or lows for each.
what is going on? what can i do about that?

I also see alot of these errors:

[/build/openvas-smb-21.4.0/samba/librpc/rpc/dcerpc_util.c:1290:dcerpc_pipe_auth_recv()] Failed to bind to uuid 4d9f4ab8-7d1c-11cf-861e-0020af6e7c57 - NT_STATUS_NET_WRITE_FAULT

[/build/openvas-smb-21.4.0/samba/librpc/rpc/dcerpc_connect.c:790:dcerpc_pipe_connect_b_recv()] failed NT status (c0000022) in dcerpc_pipe_connect_b_recv


This is a duplicate of:

ya sorry i know. but this still happens. redis is fine. network is fine. idk what causes it. the only thing that works is scanning one at a time to get the full results.