Modifying a config's preference via the API

I am trying to change a config’s preferences using the XML API, but following the example in the documentation is not producing the required result.

Specifically I want to enable the preference “Enable generic web application scanning” which is under the heading of “Global variable settings”, this is what I’ve come up with after trying various permutations of parameters. OpenVAS acknowledges it without error, but it doesn’t change the value of the preference.

<modify_config config_id="0c41e32f-41f2-4ae0-b4b4-fa01a0c62b02">
    <nvt oid=""/>
    <name>Enable generic web application scanning</name>

I would appreciate any guidance on how to do this!

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Hi Anna,
Have you got the solution?

Continuing the discussion from Unable to Modify a config NVT preference using API, Even getting the 200 ok response from manager:

I have the same issue with GVM 11. Have anyone found a solution or knows what is wrong?

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