Missing /run/ospd/ospd-openvas.sock after starting system services

GVM versions

gsad: 21.4.4
gvmd: 21.4.5
openvas-scanner: 21.4.4
gvm-libs: 21.4.4


Operating system: Linux Ubuntu 64-bit
Kernel: Linux openvas 5.4.0-110-generic #124-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 14 19:46:19 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Installation method / source: Following official documentation.

Hello again, I’ve come with another problem, this time at the tail end of my installation experience. I have gotten all 3 system services (gsad, gvmd, openvas-scanner) to be up and running, and am now attempting to access the program via web interface. However, when I attempt a connection to the server (ports/ip are correct), nothing returns. I believe it is an issue with missing the socket file at /run/ospd/ospd-openvas.sock, but I am not knowledgeable enough to confirm this.

All of the respective service files (gsad.service, gvmd.service, ospd-openvas.service) are configured how the guide directs, as seen here. I really don’t know where to begin with this issue, so a bit of help or a starting point for troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know if there’s any further info you need. Thanks.

gsad service:

gvmd service:

ospd-openvas service:


I am seeing two issues here. First the gvmd.service file is using the wrong (possible from and old version of our guide) RuntimeDirectory and/or PIDFile setting. It must be RuntimeDirectory=gvmd and PIDFile=/run/gvmd/gvmd.pid.


Second the openvas executable at /usr/local/sbin/openvas can’t find the libopenvas_nasl.so.21 library which should be placed at /usr/local/lib/libopenvas_nasl.so.21. Please check if the library is available at this location. If not you need to rebuild and reinstall the openvas scanner (https://greenbone.github.io/docs/latest/21.04/source-build/index.html#openvas-scanner). If the library is available you need to make the linker aware of it by running sudo ldconfig.

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I checked gvmd.service, and both RuntimeDirectory and PIDFile settings are correct and set to what they should be. Secondly, the library libopenvas_nasl.so.21 is available at /usr/local/lib/libopenvas_nasl.so.21, and after running sudo ldconfig I am now unable to get gvmd or ospd-openvas to work properly; see screenshots.

On the bright side, gsad.service seems to be unaffected and running as normal.

Any further ideas?



sounds like permission problem in pid/run directories?


I am unsure how it would be a permission problem. All of the steps for gvm user went smoothly, how would I be able to check if it is a perms problem?

Thank you

@Fiendish It’s really hard to help without seeing the setup.

If you are using Debian 11 then you can use my autoinstaller script: https://github.com/EeroV/openvas-gvm



I am attempting to use your autoinstaller script and I had a few questions about getting it configured properly. Namely, what do the ip address and domain name need to be?


-i ip-address of host to install gvm, with ssh root using public key auth.
-d domain name, “host name” used with nginx proxy, if installed or with lets encrypt hostname.

Nginx settings and installation is not in the main file, but needs to be installed after gvm.

[nginx-with-ssl-certbot.yaml] installs nginx with lets encrypt ssl
[nginx-with-ssl-files.yaml] installs nginx with your own ssl files, use [generate-ssl.sh] to create them, if you don’t have real certificates.