Missing Logs option

I’m running the VirtualBox Trial appliance.
My scan is stalled at 84% and I am trying to work out why.

The GSM manual (7.4.1) says there should be a ‘Logs’ option under Advanced but my install does not have a Logs option.

I ran journalctl -f from the shell, and only see DHCP requests to my router.

Where else can I look?
Why would my scan be stalled part-way like this?


Hello Rob, and welcome to the Greenbone Community!

The GSM TRIAL is our demo appliance with a reduced feature set. Not all functionality described in the manual applies for the TRIAL, the Logs menu is one such case.

Using journalctl -f is the correct solution here!


Hi Rob!

As Martin wrote, the GSM Trial only has command line generated logs , no options in the GOS Admin Menu like commercial appliances. Anyway, those “Logs” are only more specified journalctl commands anyway. journalctl -f, does give you a full log. If there’s nothing to see, that’s because nothing is happening in the moment. I suggest, stopping and deleting the current scan, starting journalctl -f and then starting a new scan. This way you see everything that happens right from the start.
(Also when a scan “stalls” most time it’s being ignored by something on the target and waits for a time out.)l


Thank you both! That makes sense, and I’ll try monitoring the live log as it runs.

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